Santiny Contractors - Disaster Relief Construction

Our Disaster Relief Construction Process

Commercial contractors paly a vital role in disaster relief efforts by providing essential services and expertise to support recovery and reconstruction efforts. These contractors specialize in various areas, including construction, engineering, logistics, and infrastructure development, and they bring their skills
to be in disaster-affected regions.

Project Management

These contractors have experience in managing large-scale
projects and can mobilize the necessary resources, equipment, and manpower to expedite the recovery efforts. They employ skilled workers, such as construction crews, electricians, plumbers, mechanical, architects, and engineers, who contribute their expertise to restore essential services and infrastructure. Additionally, commercial contractors offer project management and logistic support, ensuring efficient coordination among various stakeholders involved in the relief operations.

Natural Disasters

Based off our previous experience with the historic 2016 Baton Rouge flood, 2021 Hurricane Ida, 2022 Hurricane Ian, and several other natural disasters, we feel we are well suited to help assist all commercial construction projects in their recovery efforts. We have assisted commercial properties in Grand Isle, Fourchon, Lafourche Parish and Ft. Meyers, FL recovery from two of the worst hurricanes on record in the US. At Santiny Contractors, we have a team of contractors, and insurance specialist/pubic adjusters that can assist our clients work their insurance claim to assure they receive a fair assessment, by working hand in hand with their insurance and their insurance adjusters.

Rapid Assessment

Commercial contractors help in the rapid assessment of damaged infrastructure and provide expertise in determining the scope and scale of reconstruction projects. They assist in debris removal and site clearance, demolition, mitigation, tarping/repairs of roofs, and drying in the affected property to prevent further damage, which is crucial to the recovery process, before initiating the remaining rebuilding activities.

Going Beyond Aesthetics

We provide the required documentation to the insurance company that help streamline the overall process. If you feel any of this pertains to your current, past, or future situations, give us a call to see if we can possibly help you in your recovery process.

Disaster Relief Construction That Exceeds Expectation

Choose Santiny Contractors as your trusted partner in any construction that is post-natural disaster.  We are here to help make the process of getting your life back to normal as soon as possible. 

Contact us today for a quote on your commercial building project that has been affected by a natural disaster.